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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MJ Akbar speaks to the Torontonians on elimination of poverty as the foremost priority of the present Indian dispensation

Asma Mahmood, Consul General of India Shri Akhilesh Mishra, MJ Akbar,
Reeti Mishra, Bhupinder Virdi 

With Binoy Thomas Editor in Chief
Weekly Voice
It was indeed a treat to listen to MJ Akbar on a special evening hosted by the Indian Consulate, Toronto. Akbar who was visiting Halifax on a conference stopped over at Toronto . Akbar now is national spokesperson  for the ruling party BJP of India since May 2014. M.J. Akbar has been a leading and eminent Indian journalist and author.

The main point that was stressed in MJ Akbar's speech in Toronto was the elimination of poverty which is the foremost priority of the present Indian dispensation. The world is also focused on the fact that the economic development becomes meaningless if the wealth starts getting concentrated in the hands of a few. It is also the priority of The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by United Nations. Needless to say it is the most pressing issue of Indian subcontinent.

MJ Akbar, Consul General Of India
Shri Akhilesh Mishra,
Ghazal singir Azalia Ray, Meena Chopra
"Prosperity does not have any meaning without removing 'poverty' and 'prosperity' can not happen without 'peace and security'. To achieve this a reasonable proper distribution of 'economic equity' is necessary", he said. MJ further added, "economic equity happens when the poorest of the poor must feel that they are the part of the rising narrative." He also touched upon the issues of 'gender equality' and 'education', these being directly related to 'economic development'. The importance of the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister  Modi to Nepal for the SAARC Conference at Kathmandu, was also highlighted as it was after 17 years that the head of the country of India will be visiting this neighbouring state.  
Rakesh Tewari Producer Host
Apana Radio, Publsher Hindi Times

Further he threw light on the structure of multicultural democratic India where the freedom of faith is practiced openly and fearlessly. This could have been surprising to some Canadians of Pakistani descent who were present in a vast majority at the event. Muslims in Pakistan are wrongly led to believe and perceive that the Muslims in India are suppressed. This was clearly and categorically conveyed by MJ towards the end saying " Thank God I am in India which is truly secular".

His talk was so engrossing that when it was over, everyone was left literally wanting more but that is typical of MJ.  We wish that the event was followed by a question and answer session as well.

The evening was shared by many eminent personalities and media of Toronto both of Indian and Pakistani descent. The event was hosted by of Shri Akhilesh Mishra, Consul General of India in Toronto and his wife Reeti Mishra with a dinner to follow. Pakistani Consul General Mr. Golo, Senator Salma Ataullahjan, were also present for the evening.

-Meena Chopra 
for StarBuzzOnline.com

Some pics from the event

MG Vassanji, Nurjahan Vassanji and Bhupinder Virdi

Menaka Thakkar and Meena Chopra

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Jude Paul Fernandes is fearless, honest and forthright. He tells it like it is, as he relates twelve immigrant stories in his newly released collection entitled ‘Frost Bites’ which has already been released in India and in Sri Lanka. He is keen to launch his new book in Toronto and everyone is cordially invited to this event on December 5 at 6:00 p.m. at Udupi Palace Restaurant, 1460 Gerrard St. E. Special guest speakers will also be featured on the launch program.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014



London – immediate release

Bollywood model, actress Pooja Misrra walks out of Tamil Nadu’s ,Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s movie Amma. The multilingual film being shot in Bangalore and directed by Faisal Saif is set to release later next year.

Faisal Saif the director of Jigyaasa which brought him to the limelight in Bollywood with an award winning movie was picked up at many film festivals. Pooja was requested to play the role as a CID cop for the movie as a guest appearance but she walked out two days later.

Pooja and the director were old friends and colleagues, and when the director called her and insisted that she be a part of the project. Pooja obliged, However when she reached the sets and actually read the script , she was in for an unpleasant surprise as the role did not do her justice! Besides her record label was calling her incessantly to adhere to deadlines and be back in Mumbai for the recording. So Pooja graciously bowed out even offering a replacement. "The project was not one for me, the script did not justify my talent. I am sure I will work on something better soon with Faisal."

Pooja is currently back in Mumbai ready to record and complete her debut solo project as a singer!

What people are saying about the improvements to the Caregiver Program

Ottawa  November 4, 2014
Chantal Desloges, Immigration Lawyer, Toronto:
“The biggest one of course is that they're removing the requirement that caregivers have to live in the home with their employer in order to qualify, which is… it's an enormous change and it's going to be very, very beneficial for the caregivers.”

Monday, November 3, 2014

MAC celebrates the Holidays with Cranberry Breakfast Market 2014

Mississauga ON - The Mississauga Arts Council would like to cordially invite you to the annual cranberry breakfast on December 5, 2014. This year’s breakfast will highlight the work of young artists and the challenges they overcome on their path to pursuing arts as a career.

Canada Condemns Terrorist Attack in Pakistan

November 3, 2014 - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement:


“Canada strongly condemns yesterday’s terrorist attack near the Wagah border crossing between Pakistan and India that has left at least 59 people dead and wounded well over 100. This heinous attack, which occurred before the day of Ashura, was clearly meant to target civilians who had gathered to view the iconic flag-lowering ceremony that takes place daily at the border post.

“I welcome the statements of condemnation from Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the call from Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for an immediate investigation into this despicable act.

“This attack underscores the need for continued, determined action against all terrorist groups that prey on innocents. There is no cause for which terrorism is an appropriate instrument in the civilized world.

“On behalf of all Canadians, we send our thoughts and prayers to those affected by yesterday’s violence.”


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ensuring Long-Term Prosperity and Economic Growth Government tables annual immigration plan

October 31, 2014 — Ottawa, ON — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that the Government of Canada’s annual immigration plan tabled today features this year the highest planned level of admissions in recent history. The Government of Canada is planning to welcome between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015, an increase of approximately 19,000 planned admissions over last year.

These higher levels respond to the government’s strategy of supporting economic growth by addressing labour and skills shortages, as well as helping to ensure labour force growth. The economic category will account for the largest segment of the 2015 levels plan, at almost 65 percent of overall admissions. The remaining 35 percent will consist of family class immigrants, refugees and others admitted under humanitarian programs.








The increase of admissions for 2015 also demonstrates the government’s commitment to reducing wait times and continuing to make progress on the last of the large economic immigration program backlogs.

Increasing admission levels will also help with the launch of Canada’s new application management system, Express Entry, on January 1, 2015. The 2015 levels plan allows admissions space to process existing applications as well as new applications that will be received for key economic programs under Express Entry. The new system will enable Canada’s immigration system to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of employers, as well as to changing economic conditions and priorities.

Quick facts

  • Every year the Government of Canada, in consultation with the provinces and territories, sets the total number of permanent residents that are expected to be admitted to Canada the following year.
  • The levels plan reflects the objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and balances priorities by allocating admissions space to the economic, family and protected persons/humanitarian classes, as well as to the programs comprising these classes.
  • The 2015 plan features the highest planned level of admissions in recent Canadian history.
  • Record admissions are forecasted for the Canadian Experience Class in 2015.



“The Government of Canada is proud to table our immigration plan for 2015, which strengthens our government’s focus on long-term economic growth for all Canadians. Through the 2015 immigration plan we will welcome a record number of individuals who will contribute to our economy and labour market, while also ensuring that we reunite more families and continue to provide assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations. As we prepare to launch Express Entry in January 2015, this plan will help us attract skilled immigrants who are most likely to succeed.”



Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister

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